Diadora Equipe Sestriere-XT Women’s Alloy/Black/Rubine Red


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Meet the Diadora Equipe Sestriere-XT” the first trail shoe with XT technology. Powered by a DD Anima midsole, this trail running shoe provides lightweight cushioning and a unique rebound. XT technology features an outsole inspired by an ibex’s hoof, with a harder rubber on the lateral side and a high-grip soft rubber in the center. This stud design recreates the V shape of an ibex hoof, increasing grip and stability on various terrain. From wet rocks and sticky mud to light grass and gravel, the Diadora Equipe Sestriere-XT provides confidence on any surface.

Shoe Technology

Upper: Nylon air mesh upper with microfibre transfers to improve breathability and keep you comfortable. Reinforced TPU in the front area of the upper adds durability. DNATTIVO Removable insole.

Midsole: DD Anima midsole provides superior cushioning and excellent responsiveness.

Outsole: Duratech 5000 wear-resistant compound in the heel and forefoot provides durable traction. Soft rubber in the center of the ball of the foot mimics the anatomy of an ibex’s hoof for grip and stability.


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