Altra Lone Peak Hiker Women’s Khaki


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Rough on the outside and soft on the inside, the Altra Lone Peak Hiker adds comfort to your adventures. This heavy-duty hiking shoe has a casual side, with a lightweight feel for exploring the urban scene. Dominate the dirt and rocky terrain on the grippy Duratread™ outsole. Enjoy soft responsiveness with every step on the Altra EGO™ midsole. Whether you’re on the trail or in the town, the Altra Lone Peak Hiker adapts to any surface.

Who’s it for?

  • Hikers and trail runners who want Lone Peak performance with all-day versatility.
  • Anyone who needs a good hiking shoe to provide excellent grip while exploring the outdoors.

Shoe Technology

Upper: FootShape toe box allows the toes to relax and spread out while the big toe remains in a straight position, creating a powerful toe-off to maximize stride efficiency.

Midsole: Altra EGO midsole provides a plush and snappy feel to adapt to uneven terrain. Balanced Cushion platform places the heel and forefoot at the same distance from the ground. This naturally aligns your body posture and encourages a low-impact landing.

Outsole: Duratread™ provides excellent traction on dry dirt and rocky terrain.


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